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Patrick K. Lin is an attorney and researcher focused on AI, privacy, and technology regulation. He is the author of Machine See, Machine Do, a book about how institutions use technology to surveil, police, and make decisions about the public, as well as the historical biases that impact that technology. Patrick writes about developments in technology, law, and policy in his newsletter, Tech Support.Patrick has extensive experience in litigation and policy, having worked for the ACLU, FTC, EFF, and other organizations that advocate for digital rights and civil rights. He is passionate about addressing the ethical and legal challenges posed by emerging technologies, especially in the areas of surveillance, algorithmic bias, and data privacy. He serves as the junior board chair of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP).He is a frequent speaker on AI, civil rights law, the history and politics of surveillance, and technology regulation. Patrick has presented before a wide range of professional and academic groups, including Stanford University, UNC School of Law, State of the Net, Cloudflare TV, and various podcasts.He has a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School and B.A. in Economics from NYU.

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Patrick K. Lin on a panel with Camille Carlton, Theodora Skeadas, Sabhanaz Rashid Diya, and Sinead Bovell, discussing digital spaces and public goods at the 2023 Responsible Tech Summit hosted by All Tech Is Human.

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Patrick K. Lin on a panel with Renee Cummings, Renee Diresta, Adam Thierer, and Austin Carson, discussing generative AI and tech policy at the 2023 State of the Net.

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